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Chapter 1: The Perfection of the Universe and the Love of the Transcendental Personality

Additional Chapter: An Autobiographical Story of the Search for Truth

Chapter 2: Practicing the Grand Principle

Chapter 3: Jimei Gyo for Discovering "Lies".

Chapter 4: Establishing a Return Point

Chapter 5: Fulfilment of the Great Jimei Gyo and Starting from the state of Perfection

Chapter 6: The Grand Vision and the Fulfilment of the Spiritual Mission


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One could say that life is a journey of discovering one's true self.

 The true self is always there somewhere, but many people in the world, have lost sight of the true self, without being aware of it, and have created the illusion of a false self as a temporary self, which is not the true self. It seems to me that they are struggling desperately to make sense of their destiny created by this illusion and to achieve happiness.

 However, the illusion is an illusion no matter how far you take it, and no matter how you try to reconcile it with a further extension of the illusion, you will never be able to reach the truth of the true self.

 In other words, no matter how skilfully we combine illusions, we cannot achieve true happiness. The only way to achieve true happiness is to free oneself from the illusion, discover one's true self, and live according to one's true self.

 Even if we stay in the illusion, for a while until the contradictions appear on the surface, and we gain a certain amount of purpose in life, gain some happiness, and for a moment we seem to glow from that happiness, in the end however, we end up in a cul-de-sac of confusion and contradictions, and there will always come a time when the illusion collapses.

 When the illusion collapses, destiny comes to a standstill, and various misfortunes arise, and people are always afflicted by these misfortunes. But this is also a moment of great transition for the discovery of one's true self.

"Self-discovery" means to become aware of the illusion that you have fallen into, to strip away the illusion, and to discover the true self that lies behind the illusion.

 Once you discover your true self, you will find true happiness, one that is not an illusion, and a happiness that is eternal and never disintegrates.

 This book will take you on a journey of discovering your true self using the principles and methodologies that I have acquired through the experience of my half-life journey of "self-discovery". And it can be likened to a journey of attaining happiness.

 What is the true identity of this self that we think of as ourselves, who exactly am I, where did I come from, where am I going, where am I, whose will was I born under, and whose will will I die under, all people live with these fundamental questions and want to know them even if they are not conscious of the search for the answers.

 Every person lives in search of something. You too are also always living in search of something, without really knowing what that thing is.

That thing which we are vaguely and unconsciously seeking as we move towards our future is what we can refer to as happiness. But then again, what exactly is this vague idea of happiness?

 However, the moment you get one thing, you will not be satisfied unless you get another, or you will cling on to it so that it does not get away from you, and you have to work even harder than before just to sustain it, and there is no end to it.

 People yearn for freedom because they believe that freedom is happiness, but there are those who see it as a concept opposed to order and act to gain freedom by removing the restrictions of order to any degree. Others understand the concept of freedom as being in harmony with the order of the universe, and some people do so by understanding the order of the universe in order to gain freedom, seeking freedom within that order, and believing that projecting a harmonious order into reality will produce freedom.

Thus, we must realize that there are two opposing concepts of freedom. The freedom we seek in this book is the latter, and we describe the former as the freedom of the "logic of force" and call the latter the freedom of the "logic of Jinen".

 And from the perspective of the latter freedom, it is possible that the pre-existing order, vertical structures and walls, which in the former seem to be an obstacle to freedom, are not to be denied, but are to be affirmed as a partial expression of the cosmic order.

 To sum up, if we understand true freedom and harmonize with the cosmic order, then we are created to be happy.

 Moreover, the principles and methodologies to manifest that truth in reality already exist. People today just do not know it.

 And it is precisely the principles and methodology that will be detailed in this book as "Self Discovery One's search gradually shifts from the material to the spiritual, but to understand spirituality, one must understand the absolute spirituality within the universe and the spiritual structure of the universe. And that is not a simple task.

 For those who have grown up to seek happiness in the spiritual rather than material well-being, there are times when religions that deal with matters of the heart seem temporarily very appealing, but the absolute spirituality preached in certain religions is so full of self-righteousness that when one steps into it, one is disgusted by the religious self-righteousness and exclusivity.

 As far as I know, there are some great religions that are universal and free from self-righteousness, such as the ancient Shinto religion in Japan and Zen in Buddhism, but the worldview developed in most religions is exclusively monotheistic, never acknowledging other gods, and even if they do, it is positioned within their own superior worldview, a self-righteous world with a mental structure always centered on themselves, uniformity, and sometimes even becoming extremely anti-social.

 However, no matter how tainted religion may be with self-righteousness and exclusivity, the universe, regardless of religion, is a unified order in which an absolute spirituality, or transcendent being, that transcends human knowledge exists in a rigid sense.

 Those who believe in the existence of that absolute spirituality, that transcendent being beyond human knowledge, seek a true way of life apart from religion, seek universal truth without self-righteousness, and seek to discover their true self in the cosmic order.

 There must be many people in the world who, just like me when I began my journey of "self-discovery," continue to search for a true absolute value system and earnestly search for it outside of the religious world.

 As we progress from here, humanity will only create confusion if it seeks peace in the midst of self-righteousness, or if it seeks to find harmony only on the surface while concealing our religious self-righteousness. In other words, we must not seek the future world from within this illusion.

 We must establish universal truths, discover new values that will open the future of humankind based on those universal truths, position ourselves humbly, never in a particular position, and seek the relationship between the "whole" and the "individual" not as an opposition but as a harmony, in which we can find permanent peace for humankind and individual happiness.

 Universal truth is also about humbly positioning ourselves in the universe without becoming self-centered.

 Seeking the universality of truth also means seeking humility toward truth.

 Therefore, once we discover our true selves and master the universality of truth, we do not have to grow tall and self-righteous, and we do not have to forcefully place ourselves at the center of the world, but we can now find the true meaning of our existence, the will to live, and the value of life.

 Only when we reach that point do we achieve true happiness and peace. There, we do not "forgive" any beings other than ourselves, but actively acknowledge their existence, place them together in the universe, and affirm them absolutely.

 Such a discovery of our true selves and the motivation and power to live that comes from universal truths will lead to eternal happiness with no illusions.

 This is the journey of "self-discovery” or the search of the true self that this book describes.

 Therein lies the happiness of the true self, which is no illusion, and the true salvation that religion ultimately seeks.

 This book is designed to help you correctly discern and position the various self-righteous religions and arrogant ideas in the world, and to help you understand the universality of truth, to master it, and to lead you to full "self-discovery" even if you remain in one of them.

 I am convinced of a transcendent, absolute, and perfect existence beyond human knowledge in a world outside of known thought and religion, and I have continued to seek it, and over the course of half my life, I have discovered the universality of truth in it, and I have attained the universal nature of truth.

 And that was my journey of "self-discovery".

 In this book, I will show the importance of living in the real world itself and how to pursue truth through the real world, keeping one's feet firmly planted in reality, without leaving the reality of the real world life.

 Part of my life-long search for universal truth and absolute value outside of religion is the " self-discovery" presented in this book.

 But even so, it is inevitable that in its methodology, or "conduct," some of it will indeed appear religious.

 In other words, I have always been a realist, never a religious person, and I write this book as a cultural person.

This book is based on my experiences on my journey of "self-discovery". In other words, this book is a rewrite of my own experimental experiences into a "self-discovery" book for you.

 Now the journey of "self-discovery" begins for you.

 In the beginning, I may only be a person ahead of you, but in time, my position in your life will gradually change.

 I can say from my experience that I have concluded that human beings cannot be saved simply by being presented with an ideal image, and that they can never live up to that ideal.

 Without a clear answer to each of the various negative energies that people face in reality, and how to handle and resolve them, all of our lofty ideals will end up being a mere images or figments of our imagination.

 If it were sufficient to continue to portray examples of humanity in a beautiful way with high ideals, the human race would have been saved by now.

 The premise of this book is based on the truth that human beings, while possessing a highly spiritual nature that pursues high ideals, also have an irredeemably ugly side, making them truly irredeemable beings.

 The main purpose of this book is to help you discover yourself by using your past experiences of social life, or assuming that you may be studying some religion or philosophy at the moment, and by adding the universality of truth to the words and theories of truth that you have already acquired in your current environment, partially utilizing and partially modifying them, without leaving the reality of your life.

 In this book, I will explain the principles and methodology in detail, with particular emphasis on the universality of truth, which has been critically lacking in conventional thought, the monistic, all-affirming view of the universe from which it is derived, and the process of Jimei Gyo (introduced after Chapter 3), which I adopted to awaken from my illusion in order to arrive at an all-affirming world.

 Although this book, by its very nature, speaks of the universe with spirituality at the forefront, its theoretical premise of a monistic, multi-layered view of the universe has great implications for our understanding of the structure of the physical universe, and will have significant implications for the understanding of the beginning of time, the relationship between matter and space, and the relationship between time and energy.

 In other words, as you come to know the multi-layered universe and the universal truths that support it, you will gradually see how narrowly you have been looking at things from both the spiritual and physical aspects, and how far you have been living outside the universal truths. 

 And gradually, you will also begin to see how constricted and biased your own sense of justice and values are. 

 As the truth comes to light, you may flinch at times in the face of your imperfect reality, which is not as you expected, but by processing it through the method of Jimei Gyo, the truth of your reality without illusion will emerge shining through.

 It is a value system that transcends the religions and ideas of the past and is so inclusive that it can encompass all religions and ideas within itself. 

 It is a universal principle and methodology that is absolutely necessary for humanity to overcome the conflicts of religion, ideology, and principle and usher in a new era, as well as for contact with non-terrestrial mankind.

 And if you walk the journey of "self-discovery" and acquire the universality of truth, you will not have to abandon your current ideology, and even if you hate religion, you can fully awaken from the illusion and succeed in "self-discovery".

If you study this book, you will never be a superior student in the religions and ideologies that hold self-righteousness today, but you will definitely acquire true salvation and will surely attain true happiness that is not an illusion.

 By learning universal truths and incorporating the Jimei Gyo practices that will be discussed in detail later in this book into your thought experience, your life will surely be transformed and your faith will be the finishing touch.

And of course, for those who have never experienced any religion or ideology, this book is written in such a way that all the necessary principles and methodologies are covered and put into practice so that you can reach essential salvation and solve all the problems in your life with just one book. 

Blessed are those who come into contact with this book for the first time and reach the truth straightaway.

 Such a reader will be able to avoid self-righteousness from the beginning, understand the universality of the truth from the beginning, and walk straight on the journey of "self-discovery" to reach true salvation with no illusions.

And if you live actively with this book as a textbook, not just a reference book, all the problems you face in your daily life will be condensed and solved in this book.

Furthermore, it is designed so that your social and daily life experiences will be maximized on this path.

 Therefore, you will definitely learn the true nature of human beings as it is written in this book and succeed in "self-discovery" by walking straight on the universal path without detours through the "Gyo" indicated in this book.

 This book is a major modification of my previous book, "Human Redo" with additions in the form of answers to readers' questions and doubts, and especially a detailed explanation of the Jimei Gyo to make it easier to practice, so that even those who have already read my books will be able to deepen their own Jimei Gyo more fully than before.

 I have condensed and packed into this book the universal truths as the laws of the universe and all the principles and methodologies necessary for you to live.

I am confident that if you understand this book and put it into practice, you will surely attain happiness and true salvation.

However, because I have condensed so much of my entire life experience, the profound cosmic order, and the absolute universal truths into such a limited space, it is difficult to read it all at once because it is so dense.

 Therefore, please take your time to read the condensed words of truth one by one, apply them to your actual experience, and read them over and over again until you understand the deeper meaning behind the words.

 This book will surely awaken you to the universality of truth and surprise you with its wonder.

And this wonder will lead you to a strong will to live for the real future, which will become your great hope and will continue to radiate.

I am confident that you will discover your true self in harmony with the universe, and that this time you will achieve true happiness and true salvation.

 If you are reading my book for the first time, there are some difficult parts in the book, so please skip those parts and continue reading the parts you can understand. The more times you read the book, the deeper your understanding will become, and eventually you will be able to understand the whole book in a unified manner.

I send this book to the world with my prayers.

My true purpose in sending this book to the world is not to instruct "Self Discovery" in itself but to use "Self Discovery" as a stepping-stone to let many people in the world know about the cosmic order and the Grand Principle that drives the universe, to produce many people who will devote their lives to such a noble cause, and to work with them to develop a universal methodology derived from the Grand Principle. The goal is to develop a universal methodology derived from the Grand Principle, to establish a true order for the future of humankind, and to realize lasting peace for mankind.

This will be described in detail in the final chapter as the Grand Concept.

To readers who are traveling the path to "Self Discovery" , February 4, 2012

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