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Kuu Fudou

Kuu Fudou

Real name: Waro Iwane, born February 4, 1943


 The author majored in physics and for more than a decade, engaged in pioneering research in the academic field at the boundary between engineering and medicine at a national university research institute. 

 On leaving this academic post, he went on to found and manage an IT company specializing in the research and development of creative AI, IoT, and smart cities based on image processing technology and related businesses. 


 He is the holder of over 20 patents, and his "Another Earth" project, which he has been proposing for 30 years, is an evolved version of the popular "Metaverse" and has been attracting great expectations and attention both domestically and internationally.


  He literally lived his life as both a researcher and a practitioner in his continuing pursuit of universal truths and the Universe. Even now in his late 70s, his clarity of mind and intellect are fused with spirituality, and he remains committed to the realization of "true and lasting peace for humankind". 


 His magnitude of scale and "unhindered freedom" to thoroughly live in reality while illuminating truth never fails to captivate those around him. It can be said that he is indeed an apostle who has descended to the Earth to usher in the space age.