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[Summary]: The Heart Sutra



Chapter 1:The Compilation and Purpose of the Heart Sutra

Chapter 2:Introductory part and explanation of the aim

Chapter 3:A new view of life through redefinition

Chapter 4:The environment of “Life activity” and the [Three basic characteristic]

Chapter 5Redefinition and fractal structures

Chapter 6:Freedom from karma and suffering

Chapter 7:Awakening with Prajna-paramita

Chapter 8:The power of Prajna-paramita

Chapter 9:Crossing to the other shore. And know it’s unfinished

Chapter of Completion:Correspondence to modern society

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[On publication]

The author has already written a Japanese edition of "The Code has been Deciphered: The Heart Sutra" and a revised version of same title, and this is the third and latest in the "Heart Sutra Series". The author has continued to work on the Heart Sutra, deepening its decipherment, and has made some important new developments, as well as some corrections that need to be made.

In this book, he has tried to use as few Buddhist terms as possible, except for those that appear in the Heart Sutra, so that non-Buddhists can also share the same worldview. In order to do this, He has also tried to simplify the way in which the universe is described and has systematically covered the truths of the universe that we are potentially seeking today.

The definitions of some words in this book are slightly different from those in the previous book, so please use the definitions in this book. 

It is his hope that this book will be a message for our time and that it will touch the very foundations of your life.


The reason why the Heart Sutra has become so difficult to understand.

There are some reasons why the Heart Sutra has become so difficult to understand and unintelligible.

The first reason is the difficulty of the text structure, described by three pairs of words 『there is no birth nor ceasing』, 『there is no impurity nor purity』, and 『there is no increasing nor decreasing』which indicate the three characteristics of KUU.

There is an important and elaborate content here, comparable to modern mathematical logic. And yet, in all the traditional interpretations, this part of the text has been interpreted in a very nihilistic way.

Unfortunately, without delving into the structure of the sentence, a serious mistranslation was made, saying that "emptiness is insubstantial", which made the whole meaning impossible to construct and full of contradictions.

In other words, many translators have simply and easily interpreted it as a series of negative sentences: "Since emptiness has no substance, therefore neither birth nor ceasing, neither impurity nor purify and neither increasing nor decreasing".

This is like saying, "emptiness is nothing, it is equal to zero, so no matter what you multiply zero by, it is still zero", which is a forcible quibble and a reckless distortion.

This was a fatal mistranslation of what should have been the most important part of the sutra, and since then, an interpretation of the Heart Sutra, filled with a misconception of KUU as EMPTINESS, has been spread throughout the world.

If you are to decipher the Heart Sutra, you must first and foremost delve into the structure of the text at this crucial point.

The four points that should be delved into here are: -

(1) Why did compiler choose these words?

(2) Why did compiler list the words of opposite meanings in pairs?

(3) Why did compiler have to put three pairs of words together and deny all their meanings at the same time?

(4) And why are these three pairs of words sufficient?

The reasons for this must be made clear.

And if you are to take the position of "emptiness without substance", as is the established view, then you must give a reasonable and consistent explanation of the four points presented here from the point of view of emptiness without substance.

By the way, the idea that "there is no substance" is rather a natural one for atheists and materialists, and it is a matter that deserves no special mention for them.

If the Heart Sutra were to go to the trouble of explaining things that ordinary people of the time would take for granted, it would also be a worthless scripture.

Historically, there have been many religions all over the world, but there is no religion that teaches that "there is nothing when they illuminate the ultimate existence of the universe".

It can be said that the fact of such a "emptiness without substance" is so widely circulated, is clear evidence that we are living in (Saddharmavipralopa), the age of the demise of the latter Dharma.

This decipherment of the Heart Sutra has completely overturned the nihilistic Heart Sutra circulated in the world, using the same Buddhist words and phrases, and transformed it into the Heart Sutra, which teaches the ultimate 'worldview' of the "super-substantial KUU the opposite of the "insubstantial emptiness". Therefore, this decipherment of the Heart Sutra is of immense value to human history.

At the same time, it is a shocking and interesting reversal of the common sense of modern man, which is dominated by materialism in the name of science.

If you are to decipher the Heart Sutra, you must first correctly interpret the three pairs of words presented here and construct a consistent meaning. Without this, there is no way of deciphering the Heart Sutra.

The author has not yet seen any literature that convincingly clarifies this text structure.

I have shown the logic of this point in detail, especially in the text.

The meticulous logical structure of this phrase has been deciphered by careful analysis using modern logical methods, in which the author has some expertise.

The author explains rationally and without contradiction the 『Three basic characteristics』of KUU, completely denies the "emptiness without substance", and shows below the " KUU is substance itself".

The second reason for the difficult to understand seems to be that they introduced new concepts, such asSHIKI, 受想行識JUSOUGYOSIKI and All Dharmas and hid the fact. It should be noted that, they deliberately did not use new words for the new concepts, but rather redefined the words used in early Buddhism such as 色shiki, 受想行識jusougyosiki and dharma.

However, on further deciphering, it becomes clear that there is also a "clear statement of the fact of redefinition" in this scripture. In other words, it is clarified that there is an explanation of new concepts.

And it is also worth noting that "no one had ever noticed the logical expression of the strict redefinition".

Author's experience of writing papers in the field of science has enabled me to discover and unseal some logical statements in the structure of these words, including the laws for redefinition and their solutions.

In general, there is a considerable difference in the way in which religion and science are expressed in writing, and there is a gap between them and the two are always in disagreement with each other, but in the case of the Heart Sutra, it is clear that the methods used in scientific writing can be directly applicable, and that the writing is extremely universal.

Then, by carefully interpreting the logical expressions based on the new concepts derived from the "three characteristics of KUU" and the "redefinition", in the Heart Sutra, which had been so difficult to understand, came to reveal its appearance in its entirety and all of the elaborate parts as if a fog had been suddenly lifted.

The third reason for the difficulty to gain understanding, this seems to be the real reason, is that for some reason the Heart Sutra was sealed, following a plan to open it in later times.

Once that seal is broken, the Heart Sutra would then be disseminated as planned so that the time would eventually come in a later period when the mystery would be solved, and the "ultimate truth" would be revealed.

It can be said that it is a very logical description, with no ambiguities in the wording, so that the meaning does not change with the passing of time and different languages.

Both the first and the second reasons for the difficulty to gain an understanding of the sutra lead eventually to the ulterior purpose of the sealing. The most important of these was the introduction of a redefinition of the basic words, which dared to show the truth in the logic, but also to seal it, hiding the key to unlock it in a spell, which was to be deciphered two thousand years later and thus achieve the desired purposes.

The truth of the Heart Sutra has remained tightly protected by its meticulous logic, and now, in our time, it has been unsealed and its logic can be deciphered, and the truth has flourished.

The time has now arrived.

The time has come, its arcane logic has been deciphered, and the whole picture of the Heart Sutra has revealed here and now.

The result of this decipherment is a truth that transcends the boundaries of Buddhism and should be regarded as a common truth for all mankind, and it can be said to be a comprehensive account of the history of human thought. The result is not only the revival of Buddhism, but also the revival of the world's religions.

The Heart Sutra is a message to us from two thousand years in the past, which even anticipated the development of modern science.

In other words, we have reached the stage where we can understand it because we live in an age with a rich vocabulary, an established logic, and where we can finally see the connection between the universe described by the Heart Sutra and the material universe described by physics.

The author's view is going to be discussed below in a tightly logical argument and with as little ambiguity as possible.

Of particular note, as the key to the seal, is when Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva speaks directly to the Sariputra, which in this book corresponds to chapters 3, 4 and 5. In fact, this is a series of meticulous logical writings, it is the series of magnificent developments.... It is here I will show in this book that the "structure of the universe" and the "relationship between the universe and man" are explained in a brilliant logical development.

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